We’ve set up for an army of Energy-saving patrol! 亞洲大學節能巡邏隊成軍了!

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We’ve set up for an army of Energy-saving patrol!

Thirty six students promise to promote Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction to save the Earth. Being about to carry out the tasks of switch off the light, the air conditioner, and the projector!

“We’ve set up for an army of Energy-saving patrol!” The Office of Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) of Asia University Taiwan has held a pep rally for the patrol today on September 22nd. Having voted Alan Wen from Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) as patrol leader; 又立 Liu from Interior Design as executive secretary; 俊逸 Lin from Department of Fashion Design (DFD) as Facebook community moderator. Thirty six members of the patrol are all pioneers of saving energy, including turning off the light, the air conditioner, and the projector in classrooms.

The group leader of Energy Saving in the Office of Environmental Safety and Health Paul Tsai has introduced the university’s energy saving performance and explain the tasks of the patrol. He has pointed out that we have thirty six volunteers participate in the patrol of OESH. They will put on the blue vest represents the energy saving patrol and go patrolling inside the campus. If they find out the empty space like classrooms, laboratories, corridors or toilets that still light on and the air conditioner isn’t switched off, they’ll turn them off right away. “They will lead everyone no matter students or teachers to save energy and save the Earth!”

Leader Tsai hopes that everyone in this university can work with this green policy. Please have some respect to the patrol members who are doing their duties, and also invite everyone to cooperate, the first one is please do not turn on the Spilt-Type air conditioner when the central air conditioning is open so as not to repeatedly consume; the second one is please switch off the light and air conditioner when you’re the last person who leave this classroom; the third one is please do not turn all the light and air conditioner on when you are in this classroom alone; the forth one is please close all the doors and windows when the air conditioner is opened.

Leader Tsai has pointed out that Asia University has succeeded in promoting environmental friendly, energy-saving and environmental friendly education. Being honored to win number 41st in Green Metric World University Ranking and rank number 2nd in Taichung in 2013; won the first prize of Outstanding Award all over Taichung from the performance evaluation of Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs in October, 2014; presented the Campus Energy Management System of Asia University to participate in the ninth Intelligent Green Building Design Competition which was held by Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior and implemented by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), won the bronze medal in December 8th, 2015.

Leader Tsai says, “every citizens who live on Earth should do their responsibility to save energy, not just for universities but every corporations and every nations are supposed to make contributions of saving energy and reducing CO2.” Asia University has devoted to improving every actions which can save power after evaluated by Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol. They have great performance in four directions which are electricity-saving, water-saving, diesel fuel-saving and paper-saving. About the aspect of electricity-saving, comparing 2013 with 2014, saving 4.01% of energy and also saving six millions dollars.

“Lift a finger to be friendly to our environment.” said by Alan Wen from CSIE who works in the patrol. It’s a kind of virtue to turn off the unnecessary power readily and if everybody has the awareness of energy-saving and carbon reduction, our Earth will has the opportunity to slow down the greenhouse effect. He’s willing to guide the AU Patrol and make their contributions.